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video & performance

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Box Factory

Multi-media performance with Mary Howes, poet and new musicians, Guerilla Welfare, poetry, music, projected film, projected stills. The audience was given 8mm film cameras and audio recorders and a professional film crew filmed them recording us.

Intermedia artist Jane Evans joins with Edmonton poet Mary Howes and the new-music group Guerilla Welfare to create a work which is intended to provoke questioning of what we perceive as art. If art is a box, what do we put in it? How do we package it? Where do we send it? And who receives it?

box factory box factory box factory
Jane Evans' text Mary Howes' text  

Language Lessons

While an audiotape played a simulated recording of the artist's grandmother speaking the only post-stroke word she still had, repeatedly, angrily, sadly, softly and screaming, and a young man made love to the camera, caressing and speaking tender words, the artist gagged the audience of several hundred with medical tape, forcing them to listen and not speak and learn their 'language lesson'.



Installation which consisted of 9 walls housing 4 video tapes and 16 audio tracks, with a column in the centre which forced an 'off-centre' position for the spectator. Project support by the Canada Council, exhibited during the Pulse Festival of the New Gallery, Calgary, Alberta.




"Spirit Keeper", Altar for Zapatista Comandante Ramona

Performance, poetry, altar. Computer cloned mask on Ramona, cloned masks on performers, with hundreds of cloned paper milagros and live marigolds to help Comandante Ramona recover from cancer. Held at Salon 2.


spirit keeper
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