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Artist's Statement: My work is always about the human condition: sometimes witnessed on a personal level, as voyeur, glimpses of self and others; sometimes witnessed through our relationship with the land. I do not think of myself as a photographer but rather as an artist....trained as a painter and etcher, but one who uses a camera, digital or movie, at the moment to create images which move me.

Landscapes: I have always been fascinated by my psychological relationship with the landscape. I was raised in the far north of Canada where my relationship with the land was not romantic. I was constantly aware of my vulnerability, scale and context...always a guest, never host. I made work about awe and the sublime (something I later referred to as the presence of God)....work which was in opposition to the traditional romance of Canadian landscape....the Group of Seven, purple shadows in the snow, post-impressionist dappled light filtering through trees. In the 80s I made monumental works on canvas and etchings that were related to claustrophobia and agoraphobia....15 meter long etchings held back by careful matting and framing....keeping the encroaching land at bay; or perhaps keeping me from leaping over, drawn through a looking glass into the chasm. Since moving to Mexico in 1990 I have made work about people: portraits, self-portraits. I did not feel a powerful relationship with the land....until I came around a curve on the highway in the High Sierra of Querétaro. I was catapulted from the side of the mountain into suspended disbelief high over a moonscape. These images hopefully convey the awe and reverence I felt.

- Jane Anne Evans 2008

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