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In the ancient convents of Mexico, in particular the Augustinians, the shafts of light, luminous patios, rays streaking over ancient paintings were created to convey a holiness, a reverence, an assurance of the presence of the sublime.
convent convent convent convent
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Guanajuato convent Guanajuato convent  
convent convent Guanajuato convent


...nostalgic, looking backward...what if? if only? personal and sometimes not. Constructed landscapes. The sierra desert reflected in the abused waters of Xochimilco, Estado de México, México...reflections on Canadian landscape reflected in same...

"...Reflection of light may be specular (that is, mirror-like) or diffuse (that is, not retaining the image, only the energy) depending on the nature of the interface. Furthermore, if the interface is between dielectric-conductor or dielectric-dielectric media, the phase of the reflected wave may or may not be inverted, respectively....""...In the physical and biological sciences, the reflection of neutrons off atoms within a material is commonly used to determine its internal structures....""...In computer science, reflection is the process by which a computer program can observe and modify its own structure and behavior...."

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