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English: Spoken, Written, Read
Spanish: Spoken, Written, Read 80%


BFA 1982: University of Alberta. Double Major: Painting and drawing. Nine courses in English Literature. Dean’s List. 3.68 average.
Watercolour: U. of A. Extension: 2 years with Harry Savage. Several courses in undergraduate program with Robert Sinclair.
Printmaking: U. of A. with Karen Dugas, Walter Jule, and Shoichi Ida. (Spring Session). U. of C. with Rita McKeough. Independent work in Studio JKE (J.K. Esler).
Ceramic: St. Albert Arts and Crafts Guild, St. Albert, Alberta: seven years in clay. Simm Studio, Ottawa, Ontario: 1 year apprenticeship. U. of C. one course with Vic Brosz.
Film: Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers: Workshops: Introduction to 16mm Film I and II. Lighting and Editing. Seminar: Demystifying the Technology. National Film Board: Workshops: Lighting and Editing (Women’s Equity Program).
Video: Video Production Workshops through EM/MEDIA. Video Workshop through Syntax Arts Society with Norman Cohn.
Computer: Macintosh: System training with Apple. Amiga: EM/Media. IBM: self taught. Photoshop: Academia de Fotografia, QuarkXpress: Unisono, Digital Negatives: Dan Burkholder. Dreamweaver: Academia de Fotografia. Authorware: UVM, San Rafael.

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS (Also see film, video and performance):
2006: December 1-January 2, 2007. Treasure Trove of Objets D'Art. San Miguel de Allede. Digital Images.
2006: October 22. Paperworks. Generator Gallery. Group. San Miguel de Allende. Digital landscapes.
2006: October 20-December 3. Vastedad. Museo de la Ciudad. Querétaro, Qro. Large Digital Landscapes.
2002: Portrait of the Artist as a Woman. Galería de Arte Fotográfico. San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Digital Images.
2001: 7 Deadly Sins. Galería de Arte Fotográfico. San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Digital Images.
2000: Self Portraits. Galería de Arte Fotográfico. San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Digital Images.
1999: Art Works. Art Focus Gallery, San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Mexico. Etchings. Media Mixta. Art Focus Gallery, San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Mexico. Etchings.
1998: Los Maestros. Universidad del Valle de México, San Miguel de Allende, Gto., México.
The Sinner. Manipulated Photographs
1997: Day of the Dead. Instituto Allende, San Miguel de Allende, Gto., México. For You I lament. Mixed Media.
1996: Passages/Pasaje. Salon, San Miguel de Allende, Gto., México. Etchings. Individual.
1996: Day of the Dead Altar to Zapatista Ramona. with Ana Roy, poet. Salon 2. San Miguel de Allende, Gto., Mexico.1993: Mexican Blue Skies. The Kathleen Laverty Gallery, Edmonton. Mixed Media. January 1993. Solo.
1989: Soul Catchers. The Kathleen Laverty Gallery, Edmonton, Solo. 3D Plexiglass,
paint and mixed media.
1987: Subject/Object. The Kathleen Laverty Gallery, Edmonton, Solo. Paintings, raku-fired sculptures.
The Individuals. The Muttart Gallery, Calgary. Invitational. Painting.
Curator: Richard White. Group.
The Artist and the Angst. The Muttart Gallery, Calgary Juried. Invitational. Painting. Curator: Richard White.
1986: A Woman’s Got To Do What a Woman’s Got To Do. The Kamloops Public Gallery, 2-person with Aganetha Dyck. Monoprints. Curator: Donna McAlear.
Wombs and Tombs. The Kathleen Laverty Gallery, Edmonton. Solo. Acrylic paintings.
A Woman’s Got To Do What A Woman’s Got To Do. Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary. Solo. Monoprints.
Spaces and Places, Eight Decades of Alberta Landscapes. The Edmonton Art Gallery (extensive travelling exhibition including Calgary, Burnaby, New York, Kyoto, Hong Kong,
Olympics ’88). Multi-piece suite of etchings with watercolour. Curator: Jetske Sybesma.
An Alternate Point of View. Gulf Canada Gallery. Group (with Alice Mansell, Susan Gorris, Noni Boyle).
Fragmenting the Line. NeWest Forum on the Arts. Strawberry Creek. Exhibition and Lecture.
1985: Icons. The Hett Gallery, Edmonton. Solo. Paintings, etchings with watercolour.
Printed in Alberta. The Muttart Gallery, Calgary, Juried Invitational. Monoprints. Curator: Elyse Eliot-Los.
1984: Right of Passage. The Muttart Gallery, Calgary. Solo. Installation (etchings and watercolour).
Right of Passage. a.a. Lethbridge Public Library, Solo.
Passages. a.a. Profiles, St. Albert Place, St. Albert, Alberta. Solo Installation and Paintings.
1983: New Alberta Artists. The Muttart, Calgary. Group Invitation.
The Hett Gallery, Edmonton. Gallery Artists’ Exhibitions.
1982: Circumscription. Watercolour Installation. The Hett Gallery, Edmonton. Solo.
1981: BFA Graduate Exhibition. SUB Gallery, U. of A., Edmonton

Free Trade:
Feature length experimental film script.
It sets a personal love story against a larger political story.
Funded by the Canada Council.

Writer, Director, Producer.
Original music: Allan Bell. Cinematography: Douglas Berquist, Brian Whittred.
• InSight Women’s Film and Video Festival, Gala Opening. Edmonton, Alberta.
October 19, 1990.
• InSight Tour of Alberta, October through December 1990.
• Euclid Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, November 5, 1990.
• Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers, Calgary, Alberta. Calgary Premiere.
November 22, 1990.
• Calgary Feminist Film and Video Festival, University of Calgary. November 30, 1990.
• Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards, Edmonton, Alberta. February 16, 1991.
Finalist: Best Experimental.
• Yellowknife Women’s Film and Video Festival, Yellowknife, NWT, March 8, 9, 1991.
• CFMDC’s Tour of the Atlantic Provinces.
• IFVA/AVCI Mediatheque, Calgary.

the Beginning...:
Writer, Director, Producer.
Text: Mary Howes. Music: Ando Leuchter
• Spring has Sprung, CSIF, Calgary. April, 1989.
• Studio A Go Go, Calgary. April 1989.
• International Experimental Film Congress, Toronto, Open Screenings. June, 1989.
• IFVA AGM Videotheque, Halifax, N.S. June 1989.
• Premiere. CSIF, Calgary. June 1989.
• Hinton Film/Video Festival. Finalist in two categories, September, 1989.
• InSight. Gala Opening. October 19, 1989.
• London Filmmakers Co-op, London, England. October 25, 1989.
• Media Blitz, Calgary. December 7, 1989.
• AMPIA. Edmonton, February 1990. Winner: Best Musical Score. Finalist: Best
• Yorkton Short Film Festival. May 1990.
• Images 90. Toronto, June 1990.Personal Comments:
Art Direction. (Director: Nowell Berg)
Through the Looking Glass:
A 1/2 hour script for the Legal Education and Action Fund. Commissioned. (not produced). 1987.

Guardian Espiritu/Spirit Keeper.
Salon 2, San Miguel de Allende, Gto., September 7, 1996. Performance/Computer generated images.
For Pulse an Intermedia Festival (The New Gallery), January 18 to 22, 1991, at Open Country Books, Calgary. Video Installation. 4 tapes (33 min. ea.) which run simultaneously within a specially constructed environment.
Language Lessons:
Celebration of Women in The Arts, On a Dark Evening, Pumphouse Theatre, Calgary. October 14, 1990. Videotape, audiotape, live performance.
Box Factory:
A collaboration with Mary Howes and Guerilla Welfare. Through Media Blitz, (The New Gallery). December 2, 1989. Technical Director: Brett Greggain. Film projection, slide projection, music, poetry, live performance, audience participation (the audience were give Super 8 cameras and recorders).


• ARTE•FACTO the Art Magazine: Editor, Director, Critic, Designer.
July 1999-July 2000 - First Etapa. (presently going online.)

• Anima Sola (cover and illustrations). Ana Roy. Amiga Ink Press, SMA, Mexico. 1996.
• Booking the Lover (cover and illustrations). My own. Amiga Ink Press, SMA, Mexico. 1995.
• The Homecoming (cover and illustrations). Judith Ritter Leigh. Amiga Ink Press, SMA, Mexico. 1995.
• A Frozen Tongue (cover) Aritha van Herk. Dangeroo Press, Australia, 1992.QHS (cover). Mary Howes. Greensleeves Press, Edmonton, November 1989. (Winner B.P. Nichol Award 1990: Best Chapbook).
• lying in bed. (cover and illustrations). Mary Howes. Longspoon Press, the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 1982.
• Luminous Emergencies (cover). Mary DiMichele, McLelland and Stewart, Toronto, Canada. Spring, 1990.

• ABX Arts Business Exchange. June 2003. "Expatriate Artists in San Miguel "
• Moving Images/Imagenes en Movimiento. A Review of Body Memories a 16 mm film by Sky Yeager and Taggert Fiegel and of • One Day in the Life of Death, a video installation by Michael Bock. Hoja-Lata Magazine. December 1994.
• Six Women Six Ways/Seis Mujeres Seis Caminos. A Review of a group exhibition. Hoja-Lata Magazine.September 1994.
• Maria Isabel Ayala & Adriana Romero Ronstadt. A Review of a 2-person exhibition. Hoja-Lata Magazine. August 1994.
• The Art of Performance. A review of a performance by Josh Rosencranz and of a piece by Francis Hoare and Lilia Trapaga. Hoja-Lata Magazine.July 1994.
• Carmen Gutierrez, the children of Mexiquito and Don Bosco. A Review of an exhibition by Carmen Gutierrez. Hoja-Lata. May-June 1994.
• In Their Own Words. A Review of the CWA Exhibition at Petro-Canada.
Artichoke Magazine. January, 1991.
• A Conflict of Interests. A review of the Experimental Film Congress for the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution West, Summer 1989. Reprinted in the Independent Eye, CFMDC, Winter 1989.
• Interview with Anne Wheeler, for the NeWest Review, Guest Editor: George Melnyk. February 1990.
• The NeWest Institute. An essay for the Institute for Canadian Studies Newsletter.
Fall 1988.
• To Sing. A critical article on The Spirit Sings, the 1988 Olympics exhibition. NeWest Review. April 1988.

Film as Art. Special Guest Curator. A collaboration between the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers and the Alberta College of Art. A five-week long series of screenings: an introduction tot he history of experimental art film; alternatives; film and the landscape, women’s film; film and political or social discourse.
Film Screening:
The North and the West Through the Eyes of the Artist. For the NeWest Institute for Western Canadian Studies.
Film Series:
Aboveground/Underground. Underground portion in conjunction with the National Film Board.
Film Screening:
Women Re/Lating, Experimental Film by Women. CSIF Theatre.1987:
Film Screening:
Focusing on Women’s Worlds. Studio ‘D’ Films. CSIF Theatre.

The Home Grown Award, Special Jury. Film/Video. Hinton, Alberta Film and Video Festival, September, 1989.
EM/MEDIA jury for the Independent Film and Video Alliance Showcase, 1991.

Moderator: Post Modernism. Hinton Alberta Film and Video Festival, September 1989.

January 1998-December 2001:
Universidad del Valle de México, SMA, Gto. México. Undergraduate Degree Program: Graphic Design: Signing, Editorial Design I, Administration for Design, Computer Applied to Design; Architecture: Introduction to Graphic Expression; Communications: Literary Discourse, Institutional Communication, Fundamentals of Publicity, Advanced Computer for Communications.
January 1999-present:
Academia de Fotografia, SMA, Gto., Mexico. Photoshop, Windows Basics for Women.
January-June 1996:
A.D. Comunicaciones, SMA, Gto. Trained them to produce the Guia de Conexiones Guide.
June 1994-December 1994:
Imprenta Lasser, SMA, Gto. Mexico. Computer Design.
Private Studio. Watercolour Workshops, Introduction to Watercolours, Flowers in Watercolour, Portraits in Watercolour. Drawing.
Mount Royal College, Calgary, Faculty of Continuing Education. Watercolour Instructor.
University of Calgary, Faculty of Continuing Education. Women Making Women’s Art.
The City of St. Albert, Dept. of Parks and Recreation. Watercolour, Painting, Children’s Arts and Crafts.
The University of Alberta, Art Education Workshop on Ceramics.
Aylmer Lucerne Arts Council, Aylmer, Quebec
YMCA, Fredericton, N.B.
The City of Edmonton, Department of Parks and Recreation. Watercolours, painting, arts and crafts.

• Experimental Media
August 23, 2001. Instituto Allende, San Miguel de Allende, Gto., Mexico
• Film as Art
Alberta College of Art. A Series of 5 lectures. Fall 1991
• A Matter of Subjectivity
Alberta College of Art. Guest Lecture. march 1991.
• Alternate Ways of Seeing (Cultural and Gender Differences).
University of Celaya, Celaya, Gto. Mexico. Seminar. August 1990.
• Fragmenting the Line
Strawberry Creek Arts Forum. Summer 1986.

Media Literacy
Canadian Film Celebration. National Film Festival. Fort Calgary. March 1991. Seminar for junior and high school students.

1991-1992 Canada Council Arts Award in Film. (6 month support & project costs)
1990 Canada Council Explorations Grant. (1 year support & project costs)
1987 Alberta Culture Travel Grant
1986 Alberta Culture Project Grant
1980 Alberta Culture Project Grant
1962 Michael Greenwood Art Award

Esso Resources, Calgary, Don Mills
Husky Oil, Calgary
Amoco Canada, Calgary
Novatel, Calgary
IPL Print Collection, Calgary
Pan Alberta Gas, Calgary
Stanley and Associates, Calgary
Peterson Ross, Edmonton
Cohos, Evamy Partnership, Edmonton
Dr. Knut Vik, Edmonton
Bryan Andrekson, Edmonton
Rennick and DaPinto, Edmonton
McBean, Becker, Cochard, Edmonton
Brodeur and Pelletier, Calgary
The City of St. Albert Permanent collection
The University of Alberta
The Alberta Art Foundation
Museo de la Ciudad, Querétaro, Qro., Permanent Collection

Numerous private collections


• January 1998 to December, 2001
• Universidad del Valle de México. (See teaching)
December 1991 to 2009:
• Diseños Gráficos. Owner/Operator of a graphic design company. SMA, Gto., Mexico. Designer of JUARDE since 1998. We produce for print and web.
December 2001-June 2002. Designer.
• Gail Marie Art. SMA, Gto. Designer for licensing images.
June 1997 to present:
• NosOtros. Team with Photographer, Ramon Jimenez. We produce fine calendars and other cultural and artistic projects.
• Arte•Facto. Editor, Director, Critic (see articles).
Spring 1994 to 1996:
• Collaborator (Designer, Writer, Critic). ìHoja-Lataî , a San Miguel arts magazine.
June 1994-December 1994:
• Imprenta Lasser. Computer Designer/Teacher for a contemporary printshop.
Spring 1993-Summer 1994:
• Computer Designer for the magazine “Inside San Miguel” published by Unisono.
February thru July, 1991:
• AGM Director. Independent Film and Video Alliance AGM and SHOWCASE, Calgary ‘91, a national film and video festival and annual general meeting. Responsibilities: administration of a budget of $175,000. Supervising a staff of seven, 400 volunteers. Planning and carrying out of the annual general meeting, publishing a 125 page catalogue and hosting a Showcase of 125 new film and video works all of which took place in a fully bilingual environment with simultaneous translation (French/English).
September 1988 to December 31, 1989:
• Co-Ordinator of the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers.
Responsibilities: Graphics, programming, screening, grant writing, general public relations, typing, filing, telephone and public reception.
1981-present: Professional fine artist - paintings, etchings, sculptures, installations, video, film, performance, multi-media.
1976-1981: Art student.
1965-1976: Graphic designer and mapmaker, freelance consultant for various enterprises such as Shell Canada, The Alberta Government Tourist Map, The City of Fredericton, N.B., various engineering firms, etc.
--1976-1977: contracted to work on mapping of the tar sands, and an Atlas of Indonesia
--1974-1976: part time, ADH Advertising, Ottawa, ON
--1972-1974: contracted to map the city of Fredericton, NB
--1970-1972: Alberta Tourist Map, Government of Alberta
--1965-1969: Shell Canada. Cartographic assistant, NWT and Stratigraphy departments.




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