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Jane Evan's early experiments in media collage were created in reaction to the Canadian tradition of romanticized landscapes. Rather than romanticize the landscape in Group of Seven style, Evans deconstructed the human body and ordinary objects into landscape "forms". In her first films, Evans' camerawork re-represented the contours of female nudes as mountains. While the Group of Seven were influenced by French impressionism, Evans work echoed avant-garde processes pioneered by Russian Constructivists. Employing techniques such as associational montage, she paid homage to form while simultaneously removing objects from their objectness, pushing the boundaries of what is landscape and drawing attention to notions of representation in this Euro-centric tradition. Her vision of "constructed" landscapes was evidenced from the first in these early explorations. As her practice progressed over the next three decades, this conceptual emphasis lessened and constructed landscapes eventually became increasingly perceptual or psychological in scope arriving at her current work, most notably the series of the Sierra Gordas. In this period, objects are no longer removed from their objectness, but are now purely perceptual constructions, more directly "notions" of landscape: constructed landscapes encompassing a more ephemeral and intangible paradigm through the use of digital technology, primarily, Photoshop. The transition in her use of tools from mechanical to digital has echoed a shift from more object-based constructions and a conceptual approach to an increasing de-materialist orientation emphasizing "perceptual" constructions. This paradigm shift echoes Evans' continued exploration of the boundaries of the notion of landscape. As our landscapes shift so do her processes. - Grace Kary

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Evans is an award-winning Canadian artist who lives and works in Mexico. She works in new technology using elements of film, cinema, audio, paint, sculpture and etching to create flat images, installations, moving media and performances. Constructed landscapes are often the product, but occasionally portraits of self or others surface. Themes run the gamut between claustrophobia, belief in flying, agorophobia, freedom, peace, the presence of god. Evans tends to use whatever media is at hand that helps convey her message, painting with a camera....collaging seamless photographs from many originals, tearing up old etchings and painting on them, painting on heat-sculpted plexiglass, or even projecting stills or film on herself in a performance.
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